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Our Project

Amoakoagency has launched an ambitious project whose goal is to recycle the largest landfill in Ghana and build houses from the recyclable materials. This innovative initiative aims not only to reduce pollution, but also to create much-needed housing for the people of Ghana. 

Why Amoakoagency?

Amoakoagency actively promotes environmental protection and social responsibility by addressing the problems of pollution and housing shortage simultaneously. Their project to recycle the largest landfill in Ghana and build houses from it is a pioneering step towards a more sustainable and livable future for the people of Ghana. 

- J. Amoako

Amoakoagency's project begins with the systematic collection of waste from the landfill, followed by a thorough separation and processing of recyclable materials such as plastic, metal and glass. These materials are then reprocessed in a careful process and used to build environmentally friendly houses. 

Recycled materials will be used to create low-cost, durable and sustainable housing solutions that meet the needs of the community. These homes will not only reduce environmental impact, but also improve the lives of people living near the landfill by providing them with a safe and stable home. 

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